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I always connect 100% with the process of each of my paintings. Each painting takes me on a roller coaster of emotions. I move from hatred to love, limitations to freedom, frustration to control, exhaustion to energy, depression to excitement, weakness to strength and sadness to joy.
I do not try to suppress or ward off the many emotions which arise, instead I use them to express my paintings.

The idea evolves as it is sketched over and over and over again, now it’s there! Firstly, it must be transferred to the canvas requiring 100% concentration, in order to make sure sizes are precise… so far, so good!

The sketch has now been transferred to the big canvas and the dimensions are perfect… now we have to get reacquainted.
I study my drawing from every angle for several hours whilst sitting, standing, lying down and walking around, and I imagine the finished work with its personal and unique expression.

I gently start with a diluted layer of paint introducing the light and shadows. Next, my focus is on the painting as a whole. Whilst creating its base and background I allow for improvisation without losing control of the paintings figure. Similarly, I concentrate on expressing the painting’s figure without losing control of its background. Thus, the painting conveys a sense of complete harmony with vibrations and energy which expresses its unique flow. This is a process I repeat several times.

By using several layers of paint and choosing opposing colours, the viewer is able to see a lower layer of colours permeate through to the surface which is equally important to the completed design.

I can use a wide range of colours that are in opposition to each other and still allow them to flow in harmony. As well as this, I can also use fewer colours in harmony with each other and still give them that magical powerful expression.

Depending on my personal emotions, a painting can normally take somewhere between 2-4 weeks to complete. However, there are occasions when I need to set a painting aside because the timing just isn’t right.

When I give my work my personal signature I always feel an emptiness inside. Nevertheless, giving the painting its protective varnish restores my joy as I touch and feel the entire painting with the brush for the last time. Although my journey with this individual painting is now complete, I am excited at the prospects of a new blank canvas.

My art is strong, expressive and life-affirming with a sense of movement.

Art doesn’t have to be weird to be fantastic. Just let it bring happiness and meaning to your life.

First stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Second stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Third stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Fourth stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Fifth stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Sixth stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting
Final stage of painting Dancing Butterfly two painting. Final result
Bettina Eriksen

Be part of my creation…

Bettina Eriksen

Bettina Eriksen Art

From my art studio to your walls

The ArtByBettina studio is my “theme park”, its here that every single painting takes me on a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions. The smell of paints, the clutter of the brushes and the vibrancy of colors awakens my inner child. Come along and join me on the ride.

My Travels

During my travels to more than 30 different countries I have experienced many different cultures, landscapes and people. I enjoy theatre, concerts, musicals, the local people, their nature and I always bring back home inspirational stories to be told with my brush and my colours.

Family And Friends

Although I am very work orientated, I do take time out to be with family and friends. They are always with me in good and bad times and are ready to listen to my next project and support me with constructive criticism.


Being in nature and observing, touching and smelling its elements is where I recharge my batteries.


I am lucky to know many of my clients personally as they often come to my studio to purchase more of my work and to talk about the possibility of different sizes and colours for their next piece of art. I get to hear how happy they are with their paintings and hear how their friends admire their choice.

The Present

I enjoy relaxing and being myself in the present, which allows my visual mind to work and my inspiration to flow.

Favourite Materials

  • 100% cotton canvas stretched over a deep wooden frame, which gives an exclusive finished look and prevents the need for framing.
  • High-quality acrylic paints which do little harm to nature and myself and which achieve a quick drying process.
  • Own designed paintbrushes, palette knives, sticks, and my hands.
  • Finished with a good varnish to protect the painting from dirt and sunlight.

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