My journey

My journey with art started at a very early age and has grown into an amazing adventure.

The results of which have brought me to a point in my life whereby as an artist I can offer my unique artwork in varied forms.

My style and brushstrokes have now become my unique signature.

Life is for living

Life can be expressed in many wonderful and different ways. As an artist, I believe that when we believe in ourselves and when we trust and have faith in others having a non-judgmental attitude then the freedom to create is magnificent. Everyone has the ability to create without limitations and my artist expression and creativity are displayed throughout my artwork.

How I got here!

My name is Bettina and I was born in Denmark. I am currently living in the South of Spain and have been self-employed as an artist my whole life. As a child walking home from school I loved playing and kicking the autumn leaves and became captivated and obsessed with their colours as they danced in front of me. I would bring some leaves home and be dedicated to study and mix from my basic palette of colours working hard to re-create the exact colour of the leaves. At the age of 12, I won the local city’s painting competition for kids and at the age of 14 I created and sold my first real painting.

I put in the effort for my schoolwork however my schoolbooks had more drawings and sketches than high marks. I would sneak up at night drawing sketches, which I hoped I would somehow find the time to paint the next day. I was able to provide the finances for my sketchbooks, canvases, brushes etc. by delivering newspapers after school.

Later on as a dancer and teacher of modern dance I would admire the freedom of expression and energy conveyed through this mode.

It reminded me of the beautiful colours of those dancing leaves from my early years.

How could I express this freedom in my artwork, the freedom of expression, energy and liberty? I became interested in the human body, its anatomy and energy.

My studies of anatomy and knowing the musculature of the body combined with my dancing and teaching of dance has undoubtedly helped me as an artist transfer that special sensation of energy into my artwork.

El Torro Blue Bull painted by Bettina Eriksen
A painting from Bettina

The joy of life

In my paintings I convey the joy of life, human willpower, liberty, passion, our sensuality and emotions and most importantly our freedom of expression.

It’s our innate human potential, our drive and our desire to express that allows me my unique expression in my brushstrokes.

I use my colours in their vibrancy dancing on the canvas conveying a story and capturing the moment as I myself am experiencing it.

Every painting has it’s own journey, from an idea in my mind to a sketch on paper which then becomes alive on the canvas. It’s up to you how you interpret my paintings, possibly relating them to a time and place in your own life. My journey with my passion for art has till now been an amazing adventure which I feel has just begun. I’ve sold many pieces worldwide and often customers return for more of my work requiring specific colours and sizes designed for their homes or businesses. My style and brushstrokes have now become my unique signature. I hope you get great pleasure from my art many years to come.


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