Bettina Eriksen was born in Naestved in southern Denmark in 1966 and was educated at the international Authorised Cidesco institute in Copenhagen.

Bettina has worked in both Denmark and abroad since she was 21. In 1989, at the age of 23, she moved from her home country and has lived abroad ever since. Currently she is living in the south of Spain.

Throughout her life she has always have been a very active person, taking part in all kinds of sport as well as teaching rhythmic dancing. She has always had an ongoing desire to create new handcraft whenever time allowed, including painting pictures.

Bettina is an autodidact artist having received no formal artist training. She is a very strong believer of "the only way to learn is to do". She has painted since 1995 and taught herself by studying, watching and talking to other famous artists.

"My passion is painting people in movement, using a wide range of colours. I am a bold artist, using colours that are in opposition to each other whilst still allowing colours to flow gently into each other. My inspiration has been fed by my living in or visiting more than 24 different countries, having a constant eye for detail and a very visual mind, always enjoying what nature has to offer. I feel very attracted to the ardent colours of the African soil and the wide range of colours from the beautiful Spanish mountains".

"I do paintings on commission; if you have special wishes of colours, or size, you are always welcome to contact to me".

Bettina is a Member of the Andalusian International Artists group.